Tuesday, September 21, 2010


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Can you believe how gorgeous this woman is? Stephanie is smart, funny, humble, in the Air Force, has a butt I'd give an ovary for... And unbelievably she had never modeled before!

Stephanie wanted some shots to start a portfolio. She'd like to get into fitness modeling.
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I don't think she'll have a hard time finding an agent, do you?

Stephanie reminded me of different actresses at different times. Sometimes I thought she looked like Jessica Alba...

And sometimes like Jennifer Garner (it's the dimples...)

Sometimes she looked like she should be in a Ralph Lauren ad...

And sometimes she looked like she should be in a Nike ad...

Can you believe that hair? It's all hers - no extensions.

I know women who pay good money for lips like those... This lucky girl has them naturally.

And after a long day of shooting...

She rode off into the sunset.

Best of luck to Stephanie and she embarks on what's sure to be a great career!

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Special thanks to Patrick Corley and Sarah Noelle Makeup


  1. Beautiful! Nice shots, fabulous model.

  2. she is SMOKIN' HOT! i'd love to look like her!

  3. Beautiful photographs! Always great light in AZ and a gorgeous model is also a definite bonus.