Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lomo Sailboats

Images copyright Caroline Goddard/Bloom Creatives 2010. All Rights Reserved.

I spent the week of Fourth of July at my very favorite beach in the world: Grayton Beach, FL. Every year they have this great little sailboat race called the Rags to Riches Regatta, and this year I was able to photograph it! This hot pink boat is right about at the spot where my husband & I were married almost two years ago.

Earlier today I had a conversation with a fellow photographer about how often I used heavy post-production techniques to "stylize" a photograph. It depends on the purpose of the photo, and of the photo itself. After our chat I realized I had never processed these and thought they'd look pretty sweet as lomo images. Do you think I was right?

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  1. Yes,you are right, a "stylized" set of racing boats looks great. To me, these actually have a 60's feel to them, kind of like the old days of Kodachrome. Patrick