Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Prince of Santa Rosa Beach

This is my favorite little face in the whole wide world... My nephew Connor, the Prince of Santa Rosa Beach. We spent a super-fun day at one of those places kids love and adults tolerate because we love them - little go-karts, kiddie rides, mini-golf and an arcade. He let us skip the arcade  : )

Children's portraits are much more fun - and therefor look much more natural - when taken in an environment where the child can forget he is the subject of intense photographic scrutiny and just be himself. Think outside the box for your next family portrait session. Head to a local amusement park, airplane hangar, train yard, butterfly sanctuary - anyplace that will capture your child's attention and those fleeting moments of childhood wonder.

More photos of my favorite subject after the jump - click on the Read More link below!

Connor finished his big day out with his very first hole in one!

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  1. this photo is FANTASTIC! i think kids are easier to photograph than adults -- they are more natural, comfortable, less posed, and less jaded than many adults!